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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spraying the apple trees

Every year we have issues with caterpillars on our apple trees. This year I got off the dime and sprayed the trees with dormant oil.   Dormant oil  basically smothers any little buggies (or their eggs) that are overwintering on the tree. It is an organic way to take care of some issues before they begin!
Some dormant oils are petroleum based. Some are plant based.  Choose whichever suits your desires best.
You will need a sprayer as well. I had to get a new one this year and paid about $12 for a 2gallon sprayer at the local Farm and Tractor store (http://www.tractorsupply.com/)  Mix the spray according to directions and you are all set to go.
Now, 2 things, first, if you are going to prune your trees, do that first. Next, you must spray before the tree buds out or you will smother the buds as well as the bugs! Not good. Choose a calm day with no rain predicted in the immediate future.  Start at the inside/top of the tree and work your way down and out. Don't forget to do the tree trunk too!

You may want to wear a mask a always wear eye protection.  Clean up your sprayer. I, personally, do not use insecticides, but if you do,  and you use the same sprayer, be sure and do an extra good of cleaning it out.

That's it. No muss. No fuss.  Just get ready to enjoy some beautiful, home grown apples come fall!

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Kerri said...

Good for you getting that chore done! We have a couple of old apple trees that need spraying but it never gets done. Maybe this year! We planted a couple a few years ago but deer ate them. Hungry critters.
Thanks for visiting! Hubby is coming along slowly but the warm weather should speed things up a little...if we ever get it.
Happy spring!