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He who loves an old house never loves in vain. How can an old house used to sun and rain, to lilac and to larkspur and an elm above-ever fail to answer the heart that gives it love?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Once when I was younger

 I was naturally thin. I could eat and drink like there was no tomorrow and not gain a pound. I never had to exercise (I HATE to exercise, actually). That was one thing I never worried much about.

Then I fell in love and got married and the babies came, one after another. For about 10 years I was either pregnant or just getting over being pregnant! And with every baby came a little more weight.

You would think with 5 children under 8, I would be runnin off any extra weight. Not true. I breast fed and that is supposed to help. Also not true. Over the years  I've tried lots of ways. I lose some and gain some back. It's AWFUL!

Now I'm 50 and if I don't start doing somethng, I will have some real health issues headed my way.
Last month I decided to do a 5K. Gillian went with me. Our goal was to finish in under and hour. We made it in just over 56 minutes.

When I got home I signed up for anothe 5K this month. The goal was to finish in under 50 minutes.

Bright and early this morning Gillian, Matt, Jim and I headed out to Rochester for the race.  The first time I wasn't worried at all. This time I was hurting after 1/4 mile!  I was determined to do this, but at the same time I really wasn't sure that I could!

 By the last mile I was nearly in tears. Who wants to fail? The boys had finished and come back to walk me in. Gillian stayed with me the whole time. I was short of breath and hurting, but if I slowed down, I would never make my goal! So, I kept going.

Finally, we hit that finish line!! I tried to run in but had to quit running a few yards away from the finish line. I thought I would die! But, I didn't and you know what?  As really crappy as I felt trying to finish, that's how good I feel because I did and I made my goal.
Not too bad for an old fat chick.
Tomorrow, I start looking for our June 5K. That one has a goal of under 45 minutes!
Pray for me.


TravelDiva said...

I never had a doubt you could do it. You can and you will! Way to go on pushing through to the end and reaching your goal. I can't wait to see you in July.

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