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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gee it's hot out there!

I am a southern girl and I can take the heat, but there are days when even I say whoa! and stay inside where it's cooler! But there are days (like today) when I just have to work outside. It is important to know how to prevent heat related illnesses.
Take a look at this list:
Drink one glass of water every 15 to 30 minutes worked, depending on the heat and humidity. This is the best way to replace lost body fluid.
  • Read medication labels to know how cause the body to react to the sun and heat.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs as they can increase the effects of heat.

  • Build up tolerance for working in the heat. Heat tolerance is normally built up over a one to two week time period.

  • Take breaks to cool down. A 10 - 15 minute break every two hours is effective.

  • Adapt work and pace to the weather.

  • Provide heat stress training to workers and supervisors.

  • Manage work activities and match them to employees' physical condition.

  • Use special protective gear, such as cooling garments and cooling vests on "early entry" workers.

  • Know heat stress first aid techniques.

  • Also, remember to slather on that sunscreen (with an SPF of at least 30) and wear a hat.  Skin cancer is on the rise.

    Prevention is the key, my friends! Now go out and enjoy your summer safely!


    Patricia Cabrera said...

    Hi There ,
    I want to thank (you) for visiting me and for leaving me a note. I truly appreciate!
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    Granny Annie said...

    Good prevention tips. Thanks for posting.

    Paula said...

    Please turn on a fan and blow a little of that heat this way. It won't stop raining! I beg of you!!!!