A poem by J.F. Conant

He who loves an old house never loves in vain. How can an old house used to sun and rain, to lilac and to larkspur and an elm above-ever fail to answer the heart that gives it love?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The 19th annual Fox Run Garlic Festival

Yesterday afternoon my family and I ventured out to Fox Run Vineyards to enjoy this year's garlic festival.  It's always a lot of fun...even in the rain! LOL
Joe and I belong to the wine club, so we got to enjoy a special tasting that include an as yet unnamed white port that was absolutely fabulous! Peter,the head winemaker at Fox Run was kind enough to tell us all about the latest and greatest Fox Run Vintages.

 A couple of years ago, I made the foolish mistake of doing a couple of winetasting and then splitting a bottle of  a lovely white with Joe all on an empty stomach.  It was not a pretty thing. This year I made sure to eat a nice lunch before splitting a bottle of a lovely red with Joe! LOL

Music was provided by an accordian player. He was terrific and the music really enhanced the festival  atmosphere.I did not, however, polka, even after Joe begged me to.I only had split one bottle remember!
There were lots of venders there. Spices, shirts, jewelry, pottery, Corning Glass and, of course, garlic. All kinds of garlic! It this festival is always very, shall we say, aeromatic? LOL

As usual, we had a marvelous time! And came home with some very lovely wines to enjoy at home, with or without all the garlic! LOL


Diane said...

What a fun day! Life is about making special memories. You and Joe are always doing fun things.

TravelDiva said...

Mad that the FireMarshall & I didnt get to Pali with you. Soon!

SandyVB said...

People still play accordions??????? I had one just as pictured mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaanny moons ago!!