A poem by J.F. Conant

He who loves an old house never loves in vain. How can an old house used to sun and rain, to lilac and to larkspur and an elm above-ever fail to answer the heart that gives it love?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Holy Smokes! Where did the time go?

The last few weeks have been a jumble!  I feel as though I have been turning in circles for such a long time I' dizzy! (Well, dizzier then usual. LOL)
Max is my Father-in-law's dog and a recent addition to our family
We had company from Baltimore and then, the following weekend, we drove to Baltimore to visit.  Let me tell you, it was HOT!!! You couldn't breath outside. Airconditioners were struggling to do their job.  Just awful! I believe we saw temps of 114 while we were there.  Way too hot to go to D.C. for site seeing.

Ben, however, did get the tour of a lifetime. His dream is to be a photographer for National Geographic. Our dear friend Lisa, arranged for him to get a tour of the National Geographic building and to meet the editor. Wonderful Ron drove Ben to D.C. (I had to go pick up Joe from BWI) and took pictures for us. Ben was absolutely over the moon! How blessed are we??

My FIL gave us a gift...his not so little Dachshund, Max.  The kids are thrilled!  I have to admit, I've always kinda wanted one...and he's such a sweet guy!
Lisa and her mom, Sandy, and her daughter, Cara came down so that Lisa could participate in another ironman competition
Lisa also inspired me to sign up for another 5K. This time Joe went with. Note to self:  For Pete's sake do not sit on your butt for 2 months and then try to beat your best time on a nasty hot July day!!  I was in pain...I mean real pain for 3 days afterwards! And I didn't even break my personal record! Sigh.
We have been scraping the old paint off the house and repainting piece by piece.
Work on the house is going slowly...but at least it's going. I received 2 nice gift cards for Home Depot (I love that store. Everyone is so nice!) so we went last weekend and bought more paint as well as tile to do the hot tub room and kitchen.  One of these days this old place is going to be a showplace! Just you wait and see!
Jim found a job working at a local corn stand.
We have Ben leaving for the Army in less then 2 weeks. Jimmy went last week and took his ASVAB and physical.  He got the MOS he was hoping for, so signed up for the delayed entry program. He is very excited.

The garden has exploded. I am currently battling cucumber beetles. It is so hard with out using poisons, but I am determined to be as organic as possible. I figure we are exposed to enough poisons everywhere else, I don't need to feed it to my family too.

Joe is still traveling a lot. Currently he is gone 5 days and home 2. Not much time to get anything done and still  have a chance to unwind. Poor fella.

My computer broke. It's working again, but there are issues. Now I need to decide whether to fix it or just get a new one. Sigh.

So between chores, and the garden and trips and visits and hauling the kids around, it's been a crazy busy few weeks.  I hope I can keep up a little better with the blog from here on...

How's you're summer going so far?

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Diane said...

You are always super busy, but it sounds as if you've got a few extra helpings on your plate!

I had a black and tan long haired dachsund, Gretchen aka Gretty. - How old is Max?

Does Jim get to bring home the extra corn? That would be a dream job!!

I've only scraped the paint off our outside door trim. I've given it one coat of paint and need to do the second. - - You are an amazing person to have the energy to take on an entire house. It will be wonderful, though, when you're finished and you know you've given the house a new life ~ a facelift! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. It's a beautiful home.