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He who loves an old house never loves in vain. How can an old house used to sun and rain, to lilac and to larkspur and an elm above-ever fail to answer the heart that gives it love?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mama in the morning...

I get up, most mornings, way, WAY too early. It's a habit from when
I homeschooled the children. 4 am was the only time I had an privacy at all! Not to mention you can get a whole lot of chores done when you don't have 5 little kids "helping you". LOL
Most days I get out of bed, make coffee and sit down and check my email and facebook. Normally, I will throw a load of clothes in the washer or do up any dishes that have accumulated overnight.  Then I straighten up the downstairs. It drives me crazy to have it a mess.
If it's still early enough, I will jump on the treadmill or put in a torture (re: exercise video) DVD. I really hate exercising in front of the fam. It's not rational. It's just how it is.
Next up, breakfast. My friend Diane says I am the only mom she knows who still gets up and makes breakfast for the kids in the morning. I can't believe THAT'S true. How else do you get them out of bed? The smell of bacon frying or muffins coming out of the oven is better at waking up a kid then a glass of icewater over the head!
After attending to last minute, before school emergencies ("Mom! I'm out of lunch money." "Mom! Have you seen my flute?"  That sort of thing) I throw the kids out the door, and run any errands I can get done first thing.   If I have to leave home, that is generally all there's time for. If I  can stay home, I usually have a project or 3 to deal with.
And that's my normal morning....How does yours go?


Sue said...

Hi Terri....I saw your comment on my blog so no problem there. I thought I was already following yours but guess not. Well I am now so that's good. We had a good Thanksgiving as I went up to Payson where my step-daughter lives. It's in the White mountains above Phoenix so was really pretty. Just five of us but lots of good food. I hope you all had a great turkey day also!!
Love ya!!!

Storybook Woods said...

LOL, I love the how else do you get them out of bed! yes, bacon works well here!! Clarice

Kelly said...

I am not normally a morning person, but have to be during the school week. I have to help my 10 yr old get ready for school. He's a complete sleepy head and so you should see the two of us walking around in our "zombie" state trying to get things done in the wee hours of the morning. At least with the new time change it's no longer dark when we get up!

Diane said...

Wish I looked that good in the morning! - - Mornings are my favorite time of day, though!

Lesa's Life said...

My mornings always go better when I'm up waaaay before the kids. I really should make it a weekend thing too not just weekday. Love your blog.