A poem by J.F. Conant

He who loves an old house never loves in vain. How can an old house used to sun and rain, to lilac and to larkspur and an elm above-ever fail to answer the heart that gives it love?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

this and that

How are you this fine February morning?  We went from 50 degrees with the snow melting away, to 20 degrees, snow and wind gusts of 40mph!  Brrrrrr! Just the sound of that wind is enough to make you shiver with cold!

I had Matthew bring in one of the porch trellises yesterday. It is currently down in the basement. I scrubbed it clean and once it dries, I am going to paint it. Once that's done, I will get Matty to put it back on the porch and bring me another piece of trellis. I'll get this house painted this year if it kills me! LOL

Has anyone else noticed that stores seem to not have as many different things as they used to? Sometimes I wonder if things are much worse then we think with the economy.  And to make it worse, it seems that so often the people who work in these stores are not able to answer questions about the merchandise they are selling.  Maybe it's just me, but customer service is hard to come by these days.

Our Gillian came in 4th place in the District Spelling Bee last week. She is just so smart! We are very proud of her.

Wow! What do you think of the attacks on congress because they want to stop paying for PBS and Planned Parenthood?   I watch PBS sometimes, but not often. I do listen to (and support with my donations) NPR.  But, I would rather lose them, then give up funding that keeps our soldiers safe. As far as planned parenthood goes, it is the number one abortion provider in the United States. I am pro life, but even if I weren't, I can see helping people get well from sickness or accident, but don't see why I need to pay for their moral decisions.  I really don't. 

My  much hated Chrysler Town and Country is on it's last legs...I want a "real" car or truck. I am sick of mini-vans!  There are a few things I need/want in the new vehicle:
  It has to have 4 wheel or all wheel drive.
  It can be a Ford or a foreign car (The rest of the American car companies got enough of my money in     
         the bailout!)
  I'd like to be able to haul stuff. Either a truck or a car with (as my husband would say) a little ass to it.
   Fuel efficiency would be nice.
Any suggestions?

Is anyone else getting sick of Glee? Breaking out into song and dance is one thing but hyper-sexualizing EVERYTHING is too much.  JMHO

Matt's been home sick all week with a cold...sure hope I don't get it...Joe's coming home this weekend!

What's going on in your world lately?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Army MOS 25V Combat Documentation/Production Specialist

This will be Ben's job in the army..

My child is amazing and he will be fabulous in his career!  I can hardly believe he's all grown up and heading off on his own adventures like this!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forcing a little springtime beauty...

Here is some advice on forcing flowers from about.com:
The only equipment you need is a sharp pair of pruning shears. Here's how to force forsythia flowers:

  1. Pick a day that is above freezing.
  2. Cut the forsythia stems in lengths of less than 3 feet, and bring them home.
  3. Put the stems in a bucket of warm water.
  4. With your pruning shears, cut another inch off the bottoms of the submerged stems. This second cut, performed underwater where air cannot act as a drying agent, will promote water intake.
  5. Allow the forsythia stems to soak up the warm water for several hours.
  6. Now it's time to change the water. When you refill, put floral preservative in the warm water this time. Once again, re-cut the stems, underwater. You'll speed up the forsythia flower forcing if you keep the stems in a high-humidity environment and give them some sun.
Sometimes you just need a little springtime before it arrives. You know? You can try forcing bloom on woody branches.  In mid-January, you can cut branches of the earliest blooming plants like Nanking cherry, forsythia and witch hazel. In early February you might try redbud, native plum, aspens or birch for their pendulous catkins, and even red maples for their colorful winged samaras and young leaves. By late February, consider apple, crabapple, cherry and plum. To scent your room, you can try late forcing of lilacs or honeysuckle.

If this doesn't work, you might try forcing some spring bulbs.

If you're not up to that, go to the nearest store that sell flowers and treat yourself. A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mexico was marvelous!

Dinner on the beach
They served steak and lobster.
I am a very lucky girl! Joe's company held their annual meeting in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and wives were invited to go! Woo Hoo!

I'd never been to Mexico before and was a little nervous at first because of all the things you hear on the news about what is going on down there, but Cabo is way down on the Baja peninsula and it is very safe.
On Saturday morning we went horseback riding along the beach.
It was so romantic!
We got in late, due to our flight being delayed, but we were greeted with smiles and pomegranate margaritas!  We took a quick stroll around the pool and took the path down to the beach! We left temps of -8 f and arrived in the evening with clear skies and 74 degrees!!!  HEAVEN!

The next day, Joe had meetings so I went into town with some of the other wives. Tourism is the main business there, so shopping was practically a duty! LOL  It was fun meeting new friends and checking out the Marina. Later we went back to the hotel and laid by the pool and drank many more of those pomegranate margaritas.

There was a catered dinner on the beach that evening. Very elegant!  We laughed a lot and enjoyed a wonderful dinner

It was partly cloudy on Friday, but still warm. We spotted whales jumping off the coast! How cool is that???
Joe didn't have to work, so we went back to town with friends and picked up souvenirs for the kids, toured the tequila museum (Joe's favorite thing! Ha!)  and had lunch. There were strolling musicians at the restaurant and they played for us!  It was just like in the movies. I loved it!

 We were worn out by the time we got back to our hotel, so we had drinks and snackage pool side as we watched  the sun go down over the ocean. It was so beautiful.

Saturday morning after a leisurely breakfast we went down to the beach and rode horses along the seashore. We talked about renting jet skis, but that water was cold and there were jelly fish warnings so we (you guessed it) went back to the pool where we happily drank margaritas and swam enjoyed more sunshine then we've had at home in months!

That night we went out with friends to this seafood joint on Squid Row (that was really the name of the street! LOL!) They served this ridiculous amount of crab, lobster, shrimp, octopus and fish (the octopus was to die for! OMG Joe got about 2 bites and I ate the rest. It's o.k. though, because I gave him all the crab!)

We had so much fun together. Sunday came too soon. We sat by the pool til the very last minute.

You hear a lot of things about Mexico, but from my experience win Cabo, I can say this: They were the nicest, kindest, most polite and thoughtful people. The hotel was immaculate (and how they did that with sand from the desert in front and the beach in back I'll never know!)  I only wish we could have stayed longer! I sure as heck hope we get to go back someday.

Now, it's Tuesday and I've unpacked and washed all the clothes and cleaned the house. Joe had to go back to work in Canada, so he has been on a plane all day again today! Tomorrow we're expecting a foot of snow. sigh. At least I have my memories of Mexico to keep me warm....
and that big ol' bottle of tequila we bought! LOL Hasta la vista!

The view from our balcony....
Joe and I meeting new friends! Ole'!