A poem by J.F. Conant

He who loves an old house never loves in vain. How can an old house used to sun and rain, to lilac and to larkspur and an elm above-ever fail to answer the heart that gives it love?

Sunday, April 24, 2011


May you know his great love for you today and every day. God bless you!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This is one of my favorite hymns

Doesn't  this just make your emotions swell up inside you?  Swell up and run over. I cried when I heard this.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I haven't abandoned my poor blog...

I've just been  busy. I don't know why, but March and April seem to be packed full this year!
For example, my dear friend Lisa has been bringing me down. Not only is she exercising like a fiend and looking fab-o, she is actually participating in Iron man competitions!  O.K. I volunteer at the Keuka Iron man every year (we stand in the road and hand out water and tell people where the turn about is) but I am in no way shape or form ready to compete in one. SO I took a baby step... Gillian and I entered the Rochester River Run 5K. I admit I mostly walked, but I did it in under an hour (my goal) and lived to tell the tale! Yeah me! My first 5K at 50!

While Joe was home I found and brought home this wonderful sleeper sofa. I have been looking for one for ages and I was so pleased to have found one that I liked and could afford!  Of course this calls for a total rearranging of the living room and library, but again, it's a start!

Ben had his Senior Speech.

Joe and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary with an overnight stay at the beautiful Bellhurst Castle in Geneva. So romantic!

Matthew had his big global project on witchcraft in the middle ages. ( He received a grade of 101.1!)

 I had a major hair do overhaul and am learning to deal with the fact that I actually need to get up and set my hair every morning! This, my dears, is no small feat for me! LOL
Then there was prom. Both Ben and Jim took dates. Jimmy actually wore his father's tux!! Unbelievable!  (And he looked good in it too!)

Then there was that nasty, horrible cold virus. I was down for a week and up but still feeling kind of punk for another week. Joe took good care of me and to thank him, I infected him!  Poor guy got to stay home and extra week, but couldn't really function for 5 or 6 days.  I tell you that virus was vicious!

We finally got some decent weather and were able to plant more trees: pecans, hazelnut, peach. And we were finally able to bury my poor Sammy.

We fenced a part of the yard so the dogs could run. (They love it!) And took down the old fence where I used to keep the goats.

Speaking of critters, Joe also got me some more chickens. I know have 8 3 week old chickens living in my basement!

Between that and the dentist (3/4 crown) and the Senior Bash Committee (big party parents throw the graduating class) and Library board stuff (Diane never told me I was actually gonna have to do stuff!) And just the day to day stuff of living  I haven't been keeping up with my blogging duties! And I do apologize and will try to do better from now on.

Have a wonderful day ya'll!